Further details for Dan Dennett events, 8-10 May

Albert Wolters Events, 2019
Wednesday 8-May
Growing Autonomy in Human and Artificial Agents
Symposium featuring new work by Dennett in collaboration with Keith Frankish, bringing together experts from Psychology, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Other speakers include robotics innovator Josh Bongard (Vermont), philosophers of mind Emma Borg (Reading) and Cecilia Heyes (Oxford), philosopher of mental health Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham), and Google Deepmind AI expert Murray Shanahan (Imperial College).
Thursday 9-May
New Scientist Facebook LIVE Interview (2 pm)
Daniel Dennett will be interviewed live by the New Scientist and will answer questions from the audience.
Public Lecture: Consciousness, Autonomy and Responsibility (8 pm)
In this lecture, Dennett will explore what it means to be ‘autonomous’, and how language and society shape our sense of being free, morally accountable beings. The lecture will be livestreamed online by the University of Reading.
Friday 10-May
Lunch with early career researchers
Daniel Dennett will have lunch and informal discussions with PhD students, postdoctoral and other early career researchers in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences and across the University, facilitated by the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) and CINN Imaging, the University’s neuroimaging facility.

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