Reading Emotions Conference 2019: About Time

We are delighted to announce the eighth year of the ‘Reading Emotions’ meeting on 6th and 7th June, 2019. This year, our theme is

‘About time: Temporal perspectives on affective processes’, featuring talks by Randy McIntosh, Carien van Reekum, Katie Gray, Sonia Bishop, and Luiz Pessoa.


Affective processes are inherently dynamic, from both first and second person perspectives. How we perceive and respond to the expression of emotion in others, and how we experience emotion ourselves are time-dependent, dynamic processes. Yet, a substantial majority of emotion research ignores the temporal aspects of affective processes. This meeting will focus on empirical approaches to study the temporal aspects of affective processes, using multiple techniques to measure behaviour and brain activity.


Registration and Abstract submission is now open. The meeting has limited capacity, so please register ASAP.


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