Kunal Rastogi, PhD Student at Reading along with rest of Team Cumulonimbus Wins Weather Forecasting Challenge During NCAS Funded Field Trip to Isle of Arran

Kunal Rastogi, PhD student at the University of Reading, participated in an NCAS funded atmospheric measurement summer school on the Isle of Arran covering a variety of topics including Atmospheric Dynamics, Weather Forecasting as well as Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics. Kunal’s team ‘Cumulonimbus’ won the Weather Forecasting Challenge by making the best weather prediction for the Isle of Arran compared both to the BBC forecast and the WRF modelling software.  Kunal received a radiosonde and weather balloon as reward for the accurate forecast.

Beth Good
James Ingram
Karolina Sama
Kunal Rastogi
Rachel Holmes
Shani Tiwari
Mentor – Tor Smith


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