Department of Chemistry and Royal Berkshire Hospital Joining forces to develop prostate cancer test

Professor Rainer Cramer in the Dept of Chemistry, a PhD Student Brian Flatley, and Mr Peter Malone (Consultant Urological Surgeon and Group Director, Planned Care, at RBH have have been collaborating for the last 4 years on the discovery of new biomarkers in prostate and penile cancer, one of the most common and one of the rarest cancers.  Brian was able to identify a new diagnostic biomarker candidate in each cancer and a new method that shows improved performance in detecting prostate cancer using blood and urine samples obtained from patients at the RBH.  The ultimate objective of this collaboration is to improve early detection of men’s cancer by using less invasive sample collection methods such as blood or urine collection and providing the clinicians with more powerful cancer markers.”

For further information, please see the article in the local Get Reading paper

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