New EU grant for Professor Colquhoun

New EU grant for Professor Colquhoun

The newly-ancolquouhan 08DSC_4535nounced EU-FP7 grant “EURO-SEQUENCES” will fund a multidisciplinary PhD-training network on the emerging topic of sequence-controlled polymers (i.e. macromolecules containing ordered sequences of monomers). Such materials contain precisely engineered chain-microstructures that allow a fine control over their molecular, nanoscopic and macroscopic properties.

The new network is composed of 7 universities and 2 companies, from 5 different European countries, and connects researchers with complementary expertise in the areas of organic chemistry, polymer synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, physical chemistry and materials science. Research objectives include the development of methods for “writing” molecular information into the sequences of synthetic polymers, and also methods for “reading” and “translating” such sequences into novel functionality, with potential applications in molecular data storage, catalysis, photovoltaics and nanomedicine.

The four-year project will run from January 2015. The grant allocates £214,000 to the University of Reading, from an overall total of £3.1M across the network.

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