Collaborative working to help people get back into work

Front cover of form

Front cover of form


Introduction to the job search form

Job search journey page and some case studies to help get people started


examples of how to use

examples of use

CIDR have been working with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), a group of economists and psychologists working within the Cabinet Office, to help with a trial they are running to support unemployed people looking for work.

BIT had identified three areas of change to the existing job search process and changes they have already made are showing impressive results. CIDR were asked to help in the development of a toolkit for job seekers to keep a record of their commitments and activities during their job search. The aim of the toolkit is to help people looking for work to structure and focus their job search with support from advisors at the Jobcentre.

CIDR worked with the BIT and Jobcentre Plus advisors to look at the language, structure and design of the toolkit. The pack is currently on trial at Colchester Jobcentre Plus and will be extended to a further eleven sites soon. Feedback so far has been positive. We will let you know how the toolkit has been received once we have had feedback from the users.

Update: See more details of the Behavioural Insights Team’s work and discussion of this project in The Guardian, and a further announcement of the project in The Independent.

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