Improving information for people with dementia and their carers

Dementia information leaflets

Just some of the information leaflets about dementia currently available in Berkshire

Centre for Information Design Research are delighted to announce a new research collaboration with the Older People’s Mental Health Liaison Team  of Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. The goal of the research is to develop a user-centred, information pack to support people with dementia and their carers, from diagnosis onwards. The importance of providing high quality information for people diagnosed with dementia, and its role in helping them live better and stay longer in their community, is recognised in the Department of Health’s 2009 National Dementia Strategy.

Our research will not only examine what information should be provided but how it should be presented so that it is digestible and usable at the point people need to consult it. Although our focus is dementia care, our findings should be generalisable to information provision for other long-term conditions. And, while the project is based in Berkshire, we hope its findings will be transferable to other regional health care trusts.

Our research will include working with health care professionals, charity organisations and family members of people with dementia, all of whom have different perspectives of dementia care. We are starting our research by analysing all the information currently available to people have received a diagnosis of dementia (see illustration above).

The project, known as ‘Berkshire Blue Book’ is funded as part of the National Dementia Partnerships scheme.


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