Planning for Climate Change Conference


Spontaneous note-taking during the conference.


The Planning for Climate Change Conference on 25 of June at Southbank University presented a wide-ranging view of the challenges of preparing for, adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change. There was particular emphasis on the role of water and impact of flooding in future climate change scenarios, with much to consider about the importance of informing and empowering at-risk individuals.

This communication theme was taken up by Stephanie Gooderidge (EDF) who reviewed the narratives associated with climate change in the media, and how these can either engage or discourage action, constrasting a science-based information model, which does not always lead to action, with more emotional approaches.

At the other end of the spectrum, participants from Royal HaskoningDHV described approaches to water engineering to mitigate flood hazards. Fola Ogunyoye illustrated use of a comprehensive urban strategy that incorporates water into the urban landscape (instead of trying to pump it out). Nanco Dolman showed work at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), which lies five meters below sea-level, to safeguard against floods and manage water quality more generally. These large-scale engineering projects also include a strong communications element (the picture below shows a source control poster developed for Schiphol staff).

IMG_0425 copy

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