Disruptive ideas in inclusive design


Jeanne-Louise shows one of the outputs of the tactic mapping workshop.

CIDR was well represented at last week’s INCLUDE 2015 “Disruptive Inclusive” conference. Jeanne-Louise Moys co-presented a poster with Christina Duckett on Breaking down Barriers. Breaking down Barriers is the University’s newly-fledged cross-disciplinary project on embedding inclusive design in our curricula.

Jeanne-Louise, and our PhD-researchers Andrew Barker and Marie Leahy, attended a range of exciting workshops at INCLUDE. Particular highlights were Sam Waller and Joy Goodman-Deane’s (University of Cambridge) workshop on new tools for measuring inclusivity in printed and digital design and Andrew Payne’s (Indiana State University) temporary tactile mapping workshop. Jeanne-Louise will be drawing on the tools used in these sessions to innovate new ways of engaging with inclusive design in our undergraduate teaching.


Christina Duckett, Yasuyuki Hirai (from Kyushu University) and Junko in the tactic mapping workshop at INCLUDE 2015.

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  1. Jeanne-Louise says:

    I’ve been putting some of these ideas into practice through an inclusive design workshop with our students. Have a look at: http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/breaking-down-barriers/ to find out more.

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