Information design for health: exhibiting history, theory and practice

Health info exhibition small

The launch of the University’s Health Research theme yesterday provided an opportunity for CIDR to exhibit two aspects of its work
– historical materials, held in the Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection, showing public health communications, prepared in the 1940s for the American TB Association, to explain the prevention and treatment of TB
– current research projects in information design for health care, ranging from public information to reduce medicines waste, through care bundles to support clinical staff’s detection and treatment of acute kidney injury, to building dementia carers’ understanding of and involvement in the care of relatives with dementia. Some extracts from the exhibition are shown below.

Medicines waste

Information design to reduce medicines waste, with Southampton City CCG, funded by Oxford and Wessex Academic Health Sciences Networks

AKI board

Information design to increase uptake of Royal Berkshire Hospital’s acute kidney injury care bundle, funded by Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network

Our thanks are due to all our collaborators in health care organisations and our funders for the opportunities to engage in projects which both move on understanding of information design for health care and have practical benefits for the people who use the designed project outputs.


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