New co-authored volume by Dr Katherine Harloe

Katherine Harloe ThucydidesDr Katherine Harloe‘s co-edited volume on Thucydides and the modern world: reception, reinterpretation and influence from the Renaissance to today has just been published by Cambridge University Press.

This collection, which is based on a series of AHRC-funded research workshops organised with Neville Morley (Bristol), brings together leading scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the different facets of Thucydides’ modern reception and influence, from the birth of political theory in Renaissance Europe to the rise of scientific history in nineteenth-century Germany and the triumph of ‘realism’ in twentieth-century international relations theory.

Its chapters consider the different national and disciplinary traditions of reading and citing Thucydides, but also highlight common themes and questions; in particular, the variety of images of the historian produced by his modern readers: the scientific historian or the artful rhetorician, the brilliant analyst of society and politics or the great narrator of political and military events, the man of experience and affairs or the man of contemplation and reflection