Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Seminars, Spring 2013

As in previous years, there will be a series of postgraduate work-in-progress seminars running during the Spring term.  These will begin next week (Week 4) with Mick Stringer presenting his paper, ‘Why are clever men so stupid? Experientia and Experimentum in Roman agricultural treatises.’The seminar will be held on Wednesday 6th February at 1pm in HumSS 287.

All subsequent seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 1pm.  The programme for the remainder of the term is as follows:

Week 5 (13th February): Natalia Tsoumpra (University of Oxford). Venue: Ure Museum.
Week 6 (20th February): Rebecca Fallas (Open University).  Venue: HumSS 287
Chair: Laura Robson.
Week 7 (27th February): Elena Chepel (Reading).  Venue: Ure Museum.
Week 8 (6th March): Lucy Fletcher (Reading).  Venue: Ure Museum.
Week 9 (13th March): Niki Karapanagioti (Reading).  Venue: Ure Museum.
Week 10 (20th March): Nick West (Reading).  Venue: HumSS 287.