New exhibit on Classical themes in the Women’s Suffrage movement

In the early 20th century suffragettes and suffragists—many of whom were Classicists or had received a Classical education—adapted Classical themes, especially imagery, in their campaigning magazines Votes for Women and Common Cause. In response to the the suffrage movement magazines also used classical parodies—for example Antigone saving her sister rather than her brother. Now you can learn all about the important role Classics played in women’s suffrage through a display just launched in the Classics hallway, opposite the entrance to Edith Morley room 40 (appropriately enough because Edith Morley herself was a suffragette!). Professor Barbara Goff has created this exhibit, in celebration of the centenary of the women’s vote, based on the research of Rebeca Bird-Lima and Anna Godsell (who have just completed their BA’s at Reading). Ure staff Jayne Holly-Wait and Claudina Romero Mayorga have added some artefacts to the display while Ure volunteer Matthew Knight has designed it.

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