Reading Ancient Schoolroom seeking Associate Director

The Reading Ancient Schoolroom, which offers historically accurate re-creations of ancient schools for modern children, is seeking an Associate Director. This is a paid position, though not paid very much. For more information, see

Inquiries can be sent to the Director, Professor Eleanor Dickey, at

Classics contribution to UK Vote 100

Reading Classics’ Professor Barbara Goff has written a guest post on the website of UK Vote 100, which celebrates the centenary of women gaining the vote in the UK.  In her post, Professor Goff, an expert in the reception of ancient Greek political thought, examines the use of Classical imagery and themes in the campaign for women’s suffrage.  You can access her post here.

The post relates to an exhibition on Classics and the suffrage movement, located near the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology in the Edith Morley Building, University of Reading – access free and all welcome.  As she points out in her post, this is a very suitable place to hold an exhibition on this theme: Edith Morley, after whom the building was recently renamed, was both a suffragette and the first female University Professor (appointed 1908); and the Ure Museum has had a number of significant female Curators, up to and including the present incumbent, Professor Amy Smith.  Ure Museum website.