Classics Research Seminars, Autumn 2012

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars will take place at 4pm in the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology (HumSS G38). Everyone welcome.

16 October
Dimitrios Paleothodoros (University of Thessaly):
“Boeotian vases abroad”

17 October
Renaud Gagné (Cambridge):
“The World in a Cup: Ekpomatics In and Out of the Symposium”

24 October
Martin L. West (Oxford):
“The Wanderings of Odysseus”

31 October
Phillip Horky (Durham):
“The Place of Agathon”

7 November
Second Annual Percy Ure Lecture
Professor David Mattingly FBA (Leicester):
“Romans and Libyans: cultural encounters on the desert fringes of Empire”
HumSS G27

14 November
Mike Edwards (Lampeter):
“The New Hyperides in the Archimedes Palimpsest”

21 November
Rachel Mairs (Reading):
“Reading, Viewing and Speaking: Revealing the ‘Hidden Message’ in Greek, Latin and Demotic Acrostich Inscriptions”

28 November
Ivana Petrovic (Durham):
“Posidippus and the ideology of kingship”

5 December
Stephen Oakley (Cambridge):
“Reading the Roman Antiquities of Dionysius of Halicarnassus”