9 Responses to 2014 Botanical Advent Calendar – Day 1 – Hedera helix

  1. A.P.M. Beerendonk says:

    I much appreciate the ring of ivies shown here. I do wonder though if all have been shown at their original size, as I’ve found that is one of the few characteristics – together with type of trichome – that sets the genetically different taxa apart morphologically. It is no wonder that half a century ago no more than 5 species where recognised…

    • The ring of ivy leaves was a photograph I took almost 10 years ago as part of my teaching for undergraduate botany. The two pictures together were designed to illustrate the risks of looking superficially at morphology. The photograph on the left is a set of leaves taken from a single plant at the same time while the photograph on the right (the ring of leaves) was sampled from 11 different ivy taxa from around the mediterranean. The actual size you see will depend on your screen but for reference the top leaf blade in the photo is about 3cm from tip to attachment of the petiole.

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