One Response to A personal reflection on Wild about Weeds – author Jack Wallington

  1. Tomos Jones says:

    Here’s a response from the author, Jack Wallington:

    “Thank you again for taking the time to read Wild about Weeds and for writing this article.

    I thought it might be helpful to share a little of my thinking with the book around educating gardeners, who it’s aimed at mainly, about plants and how they behave differently in different environments. Which was my main goal really, to encourage people to really understand all plants.

    To reassure you, I hope a little, I’m very aware of the problems with plants escaping gardens to become invasive in the wild – I’m more a conservationist and amateur botanist / naturalist than I am a gardener – and I see this every time I visit natural spaces in the UK and around the world. I thought I had covered invasiveness clearly in the intro pages (particularly p9, p15, in the History of weeds pages) and throughout the text by giving each highlighted weed an Invasiveness section, which for the most likely to jump the garden fence, I’ve tried to mention. I also deliberately made made the final page of the book as a conclusion the interview with Rod Randall who is an invasive weeds specialist, where his last paragraph is what you’re advising above.

    So my intent was there at least 🙂 it’s useful to hear you feel this wasn’t enough though, or not clear enough, so I will look to address this if I can in a future print run, perhaps by making the ‘Final note of caution’ paragraphs up front bold or boxed out to highlight it better. And I can tweak wording here and there if you feel I can change anything to be clearer. I’ll also bear this in mind with future articles and books I write on the subject.

    All the best and good luck with your important work, hope to catch up in person one day as I’m more interested in the work you’re doing than you probably are in garden design lol


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