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  1. Carmenceta says:

    So how do we solve this problem ?

    • Oliver Ellingham says:

      Carmenceta, there is no easy answer to your question…
      I am currently sitting in a lecture to do with use of fungicides for control. These are useful but of course not possible for everyone, especially on a small horticultural scale… http://frac.info/index.htm
      Use of sulphur to aid your plant can help, and regular watering is good, as stressed plants are more likely to be infected.
      Good gardening practice is my best advice; removing infected material, regular pruning to ensure airflow around plants (reducing humidity).
      In future selective breeding and GM may help to generate plants resistant to mildews but the mildews will always adapt to such changes.
      Have a look at the RHS website (https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=253) for more info and please do not hesitate to send me some samples if you would like to know more… Thanks, Oli

  2. susan says:

    we have [and have always had] mildew on our oaks which are part of a mixed tree wood planted 1998/9
    do you want samples?

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