I4Life and Species 2000 meetings, Leiden 2013

On Friday 17th May the i4Life team met up in Leiden, first at the botanic garden in the city centre for the workpackage 2 meeting and then at Naturalis for the management committee meeting.


Leiden Botanical Garden in Tulip season

Key features of the meeting were the discussion of software development and the implementations of Catalogue of Life use at the global partner data portals.

The three main software developments: the download service, the piping tools and the Cross mapping service are all now being converted to production versions in preparation for the completion of the project.  In addition to this we were pleased to hear about the new Global Species Databases already added by Yuri Roskov’s team and the plans to add yet more data through the placement projects within i4Life.

The combined i4Life and Catalogue of Life meeting in Leiden Botanical Garden.

The combined i4Life and Catalogue of Life meeting in Leiden Botanical Garden.

Alongside the i4Life meetings the Annual General Meeting of Species 2000 was held including a short presentation from me on the progress of i4Life and a detailed account of the continued growth of the Catalogue of Life from Yuri.  It was also announced that the new home for the Species 2000 secretariat would be Naturalis but that Catalogue of Life activities would become more distributed than now giving the catalogue greater security and presence.

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