MSc Plant Diversity – Plant families ID test – Samples 1-10 (Closed book exam)

Close on the heels of the MSc fieldwork comes the final assessment for the MSc module BIMPB12 Diversity and Identification of Plants.  This module runs over the Autumn and Spring terms and aims to give the knowledge structure needed to identify major families of vascular plants.  The test comprises 40 spots over three hours, the first ten are a closed book exam and the remaining 30 are open book identifications to family. You can try out the test.

Samples 1-10 are illustrated here.  A follow-up blog with plant family names is available.  Test your skills by commenting on the blog giving the name of the plant family for each sample (1-10) and the observations you make on that sample to identify the family.

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2 Responses to MSc Plant Diversity – Plant families ID test – Samples 1-10 (Closed book exam)

  1. Nice one Alastair, I tried not to cheat by not hovering cursor over the pic to get the name, I am guessing no cursor provided in the glasshouse?! 😉

  2. Internet was banned during the test. It’s up to you whether the hover the cursor or not 🙂

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