Pro iBiosphere meeting Berlin, May 2013


Group 2 at work producing a processes list.

This pro iBiosphere meeting aims to establish a system of collaboration among taxonomic infrastructures.  Workshop 2, today, is evaluating the costs of delivery data services to the biodiversity community.  The morning session was split into a series of three brainstorming sessions:


Group 1: all fauna/flora/mycota producers, desk editors, publishers



The paper spreadsheet for estimating costs

Group 2:Data resource managers

Group 3: Technology infrastructure and services

The workflows were converted into a spreadsheet of major functions and cost categories that will be circulated after the workshop to allow projects to estimate their running costs and these to be compared among projects to gain an idea of the overall cost of delivering biodiversity data to the scientific community.

Workshop 3 on Thursday 23rd May dealt with data exchange, common needs and formats, linkage among datasets and open data.  Catalogue of Life was represented.CatalogueofLifeProiBiosphereCulham.



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