Avian Biodiversity of Rice Fields

smedleyRichard Smedley is a PhD scholar from the University of Reading, in partnership with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and based in the Philippines. His research is in avian biodiversity of rice fields in South East Asia. Over 90% of the global market of rice is produced in Asia, yet the ecology of paddy fields and the interaction between crop and wildlife is poorly known. Many farmers use ‘knowledge’ passed down through families of rice growers, which sometimes is the opposite of what is scientifically understood. Richard is investigating what can be found in rice fields – with no previous work conducted within the Philippines, this is a key step in understanding how the crop can affect the birds AND how the birds can affect the crop. Ideally, once this interaction is understood, best management practices of rice farming can be identified, which can simultaneously aid the growth of high yielding rice and have a positive effect upon avian biodiversity, both those birds that live in the area and those that just pass through.

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  1. Prosper Kwame says:

    Dear Richard,

    I will be very glad to read more about your work. Can you please send to me any published links and work.

  2. Ann Herendeen says:

    I am cataloging (for our collection): Guide to birds of Philippine rice fields, by Paul Bourdin and Richard Smedley, published in 2015. I need to contact Richard Smedley , to find information to distinguish his name from the two other people named Richard Smedley in the OCLC WorldCat bibliographic database. (Richard Smedley, author of No more Mr. fat guy, from 1998; and Richard Smedley (DOB 1954), coauthor of C through design, from 1988). Can you please provide me with a direct email address? I will need to ask his middle name (I see he has middle initial E. on some ResearchGate publications) and year of birth, to create a unique form of his name.
    Many thanks for your help. Ann Herendeen, Cataloging Librarian, Library, American Museum of Natural History, New York City

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