Our Recommendations

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The DEAL research initiative has developed guidelines aimed at improving online provision of teaching and learning content. It focused on students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, those who are neurodiverse, especially those who have dyslexia, and those who have English as a Second or Other Language.

Our research explored the experiences of students and recorded their views, making it possible for us to better evaluate current online practices.

Our recommendations are of particular relevance to practitioners in Higher Education and aim to improve the student experience when learning online. They are drawn from our study findings that pointed to what aided students’ understanding and learning when viewing online materials.

Our recommendations and accompanying examples are divided into three overlapping categories as listed below:

  • Preparing teaching and learning materials in a Higher Education setting? Then visit the section for Lecturers, Educators and Practitioners.
  • Looking for guidance on ways to present your content? Visit the Presentation section.
  • Guidance on a more technical front? Visit the section providing Technical Pointers.

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Please note that BSL translations will be added to all pages in due course.

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