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I’ve begun preparing for coding on the tagging widget, and the initial investigation are showing up a few issues, which I’ll try and explain here.

We have been planning to use delicious as a tag service provider for the tool using their API (Application Programming Interface), which I have experience in using from previous projects I have been involved in. However it isn’t as simple as it used to be!

Yahoo bought delicious in 2005 and made a major change to their API later last year. You can now use your Yahoo user credentials to create a delicious account. This is all well and good, if that didn’t change the original APIs, unfortunately this isn’t the case! If you have a standard / old account name you can still use the old API, however if you use a Yahoo username, you’ll have to access the API through another URL and using oauth for authentication. Yahoo doesn’t give any indication if this will be the way to “play” with delicious, how to figure out what methodology to use before a user is trying to use your tool and doesn’t really help you out much in their documentation either. Furthermore the java library I used to use is now broken. So either I fix this problem (I can fix the library, or just use direct access to the API), or we find another tagging service provider that we use.

The second issue is whether delicious is part of the DMA safe harbour scheme. If they aren’t we can’t use them, simple as that, for privacy reasons. It isn’t clear from their privacy policy if they are. Yahoo is, but delicious isn’t mentioned. So I’ve sent them a question using their question or feedback, and am now waiting anxiously for their answer…

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  1. karlund says:

    I’ve just asked diigo if they are part of a safe harbour scheme.

  2. karlund says:

    getboo is an opensource choice. It would imply running a server here. And I’m not sure how well the API is implemented (not sure because I haven’t looked into it yet). There are a relatively large amount of supporting tools though (such as firefox plugins and booklets)

  3. karlund says:

    actually BB scholar seems to add most of the functionality that this widget is supposed to add, except it doesn’t look like it has *any* way for developers to access the tags, thus making the recommender tool might be difficult…

  4. karlund says:

    apart from that have a b2 that connects to delicious using old-hat auth and displays a tag.

  5. karlund says:

    I’ve reviewed the diigo API, and I will not be using it!

    Although it is simple to use and (only) use one authentication method it is not finalised yet, and – as the diigo development team writes – its elements are likely to be deprecated heavily. Unfortunately that is not sustainable for this project.

  6. karlund says:

    Over the last two days I’ve been looking at how to gain access to delicious using the Yahoo oauth method, and I’ve now finally managed to crack it!

    It is a rudimentary solution which rely on persistent object through saves to files and do I have to look at multi user scenarios to see how the filesystem is managed on BB, as I at the moment only save into a temporary file when a user starts an authentication sesssion.

    Furthermore the result is presented in pure xml, which isn’t *at all* in *any way* user friendly, so that needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately the delicious library I usually use hasn’t split the “gets” from the data manipulation so I fear changing that is going to be a bigger job than the benefit of doing it. Heck I might actually create a library myself now that I have the method sorted out…

    I should create a persistent delicious authenticator for each user, but I haven’t been able to find any docs on best practice for this. It was hard enough finding any on file permissions (http://goo.gl/uCGM thanks gkroner).

    So, next steps are:
    1. Investigate/add multi user capability
    2. Create user friendly outputs
    3. Perhaps create a simple delicious/yahoo library

  7. karlund says:

    btw – developments on these steps will be branched out into different blog posts…

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