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We’ve had a meeting today(and a few others in the past) regarding the progression/future of the Video widget (formerly known as the ASSET widget), between ITS and the DEVELOP tech team.

And we have a clear path for this widget:

  1. We already have the ASSET dropbox functionality, which has formed the development up until now.
  2. David W (ITS) has further extended a similar service to use scheduled transcoding of video files for better distribution of CPU time. However this only sends out a “geeky” email for the users to use within BB.
  3. (This is where we are at the time of writing) David W will set this up on the ASSET server. (By end of Oct)
  4. Guy P will investigate and find the best <object> code </object> for using within BB (By end of Oct)
  5. Karsten will change the code to add a more user friendly interface and change the email to ease the user experience. (By end of Nov)
  6. We meet 9th of Dec to test it and hopefully that should, assuming only minor changes, result in a functioning service before the start of the spring term.

The next (possible) step is to develop a fully automatic widget. This is not a requirement, but would be a beneficial step for many users. It will involve the setup of a proxy server for scripts and B2’s/javascripts for adding videos within BB. This will depend on the progress of the other widgets.

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3 Responses to Video Widget

  1. Guy says:

    Hi Karsten, thanks for posting this and the other posts; really useful. Spotted one mistake though — for point (6) I think you meant 9th Dec. Unless we’re also making a time-travel widget 🙂


  2. karlund says:

    LOL – That will be our next project… I’ll edit!

  3. karlund says:

    Ok. We’ve got a server set up. Unfortunately I lack sudo powers on system folders, which I need to install required libraries. I’ve requested it from ITS.

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