3 Responses to Building Blocks that are worth looking into?

  1. Guy says:

    Changed the title of this post from “Building Blocks worth looking into?” as it makes it sound like I’m questioning the worth of looking into Blackboard Building Blocks at all! Obviously we have to if we want them to operate with our VLE. So this post is now more appropriately titled “Building Blocks that are worth looking into?”

  2. karlund says:

    Thx for getting this!

    I’m at a position now, where I could develop this storing information in files. I’m looking into a better way of making persistent data from within b2s. I hope this example will show a good way of doing that…

  3. karlund says:

    They haven’t, unfortunately, released the source code for the b2. I can only get to the jsp, that only show that they use bundles to store static text (not a surprise), but I can see that they’ve added permissions of type persist, which has given me something to google…

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