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bbNG:textbox misdrawn in IE

During a presentation of some of my development on B2 I used IE for the first time, and was quite surprised to see a standard textbox looking like this: After some testing I found out that it is due to … Continue reading

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B2 and content-handlers remove http-action

I had problems with the remove.jsp that I created for remove within content-handlers, i.e. from bb-manifest.xml: <content-handlers> <content-handler> … <http-actions> <create value=”ch_tagged/create.jsp”/> <modify value=”ch_tagged/modify.jsp”/> <remove value=”ch_tagged/remove.jsp”/> </http-actions> … </content-handler> I could get both create and modify to work quite easily, … Continue reading

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BB Bundles

I’ve seen B2s developed by others using Bundles to hook into standard messages used within BB, thus automatically taking advantage of the multi-lingual support within BB. They’ve done something like this: BbResourceBundle bundle = BundleManagerFactory.getInstance().getBundle(“content”); String stepTitle = bundle.getString(“content.item.information”); You might have noticed … Continue reading

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Course documents and their Ids

When you get a brand new CourseDocument in B2 like this Content courseDoc = new CourseDocument(); there is a problem with the Id when using courseDoc.getId(); The Id you get is *NOT* the final – and therefore – correct Id … Continue reading

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bbNG:textbox is working

Last week I had a big problem getting the bb-tag bbNG:textbox to work. I simply couldn’t extract the request parameter within my servlet that receives the bbNG:form request! There would be nothing in it, even though a similar bbNG:textElement would … Continue reading

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Beware code/geekiness inside – Well *NOT* in this post!!

I think, for Maria’s and other’s sake, that I’ll start to use the tag “geekcode”, whenever there is vast quantities of geekiness inside my blog post. I need to write it here to remember, and potentially aid other “lost souls” … Continue reading

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DEVELOP System requirements meeting

I’ll have a meeting with ITS tomorrow regarding the server requirements for the DEVELOP project. Both for this blog server and for the Dropbox server.

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Tagging – revisited!

This post is a bit late, but better late than never 😉 Following a discussion about the specifications of the tagging plugin, I realised that I was vastly shooting over the goal posts with my understanding of what the tagging … Continue reading

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e-Portfolios: HEAR Update

Today Guy and I met with Julia Phelps and Sarah Morey to talk about HEAR and how this will influence the e-Portfolio developments within DEVELOP. Sarah has recently been to a sector meeting and, in general, it seems that the … Continue reading

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