Core Team meeting, 8 Nov 2010

Guy, Karsten and myself met yeaterday to talk about the developments within the project so far and to monitor progress:

  • Our blog and website are now live although I am still tweaking the site. Our issue is that we have only read access to the website so we cannot influence the design. We hope that the Digital development team will help toput the University logo on the site. (Guy to follow-up)
  • Pilots: Guy has a list of academics who will potentially pilot some of the project outputs. (Guy will start e-mailing them this week. Guy will set up a Blackboard organisation for communicating with the pilots).
  • Technical developments: Karsten has been using the Blackboard Building block approach – but he found that the documentation is not helpful or non-existend.
  • ASSET Widget: will be ready for testing in Dec (Karsten to give us an update on 19 Nov)
  • Tagging Widget: The specification wil be finalised by Dec 2010 (Guy)
  • e-Portfolios/iLearn: Guy has made progress in this area by redeveloping iLearn for Bb version 9 (Upgrade due in July 2011)
  • Technical Stakeholders Group: A consultation with the technical stakeholders group will be scheduled for the end of Nov 2010 to talk about the technical approach adopted for the developments (Maria).
  • Content Widget: A meeting with the David Stanbury will be arranged to talk about Destinations by the end of Nov (Guy).
  • Copyright: A meeting with the Emily Goodhand will be arranged to talk about by the end of Nov (Guy).
  • Ethics: A paper about the project and the pilots will be submitted to the University’s Ethics Committee (Maria)
  • HEAR: I have set up a meeting with Julia and Sarah about HEAR to inform the project developments.
  • Steering Group meeting: A SG meeting has been set-up for 9 Dec 2010 and Jane -our administrator – and I are busy preparing for it. We have set up a meeting for next week with the Chair of the SG (Martha-Marie) to talk about the agenda. (Maria)
  • Dissemination: We talked about submitting a paper to the Durham Conference (6-7 jan 2011, Guy and Maria to work on an abstract).
  • Timeline for the development and implemention of the widgets:
  1. ASSET widget: will be developed in Bb v8 by 12/10. Pilots in Spring 2011
  2. Recommender widget: developed by March 2011. Pilot in summer term
  3. Destinations Content: March 2011. Pilot timing to be confirmed. Copyright issues
  4. Portfolio templates: await for HEAR.
  5. Portfolio feedback: decided to develop in v.9 by Jun 2011. Focus group to evaluate prototype in Spring 2011. Pilot Autumn 2011
  6. E-Portfolio export: development in April 2011, pilots in June 2011? (depends on HEAR) (tbc)

About Maria-Christiana Papaefthimiou

My title is Enhanacement Manager (Teaching, Learning and Technlology) and I am curretnly project managing the DEVELOP project. My repsonsibilities include: 1. Management and direction of the work of a small team of Enhancement Officers (e-Learning), facilitating the development of cross-team working in CDoTL, including the effective integration of the team’s work across the University. 2. The management of the University’s Virtual Learning Environment and other e-learning tools with the aim to enhance and support the development of Teaching and Learning. 3. Work with academic Schools and academic staff, professional services staff and CDoTL team members to create an infrastructure of resources that support the development of courses through the use of Learning Technology. 4. Lead staff development and training programmes to be provided by the team or faculty/IT staff to ensure that academics are able to utilise learning technology approapriately and effectively 5. Promote the use of learning technology by planning and promoting university-wide workshops and faculty based staff development events. 6. Develop, as appropriate, university-wide participation and support for the engagement of academic staff with Technology Enhanced Learning. 7. Contribute to CDoTL’s strategic planning as a member of the CDOTL Senior Management Staff Team. 8. Identify opportunities for development and innovation, including accessing external funding sources, support the writing of bids. 9. Project management
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  1. Guy says:

    I have now (finally!) contacted David Stanbury to see about the possibility of meeting with him to discuss the project, in particular the “Content” or “Destinations” widget, but also maybe the e-portfolio aspects.

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