Tagging – revisited!

This post is a bit late, but better late than never 😉

Following a discussion about the specifications of the tagging plugin, I realised that I was vastly shooting over the goal posts with my understanding of what the tagging plugin should do! Guy described the intentions of the plugin as this – Please correct me if I misrepresent you Guy ;-):

The plugin should allow lecturers/teachers to create special content within BB which is tagged, and therefore allow another way to structure the content of a course. This would be useful for particular big courses, and has been requested by some lecturers.

I had assumed that the tagging should be available for all and provide a way of tagging content outside of as well as inside BB. However this probably is more the remit of the recommender plugin. which we will discuss separately.

This functionality doesn’t necessarily need delicious connectivity, and I’ve started coding it without, so that I get a functioning prototype first, and then I’ll add delicious to it later, if it is needed to feed into the recommender plugin.

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