B2 and content-handlers remove http-action

I had problems with the remove.jsp that I created for remove within content-handlers, i.e. from bb-manifest.xml:

<create value=”ch_tagged/create.jsp”/>
<modify value=”ch_tagged/modify.jsp”/>
<remove value=”ch_tagged/remove.jsp”/>

I could get both create and modify to work quite easily, but what ever I did remove simply wouldn’t run! What I didn’t realise is that you seemingly cannot override the page you go to after the delete, but are merely able to produce any side-effects of the removal. I needed to delete an extra file, which I can now do. So lesson learnt – never include html or tag library stuff inside a remove, only do what you need to do in pure java. E.g.:

<%@ page language=”java”




String content_id = request.getParameter(“content_id”);

String path = TaggingUtil.getPersistPath() + content_id;

File f = new File(path);



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  1. karlund says:

    Perhaps a redirect can change where the user-interface goes after a delete, but at the moment I’m content with where it goes…

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