bbNG:textbox misdrawn in IE

During a presentation of some of my development on B2 I used IE for the first time, and was quite surprised to see a standard textbox looking like this:

After some testing I found out that it is due to usage of minLength=”0″ within the bbNG:textbox. It had sneaked into my code, due to another project I’ve been looking at for inspiration. If this attribute is removed everything looks fine…


The solution is to add this line to the top of you jsp file


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5 Responses to bbNG:textbox misdrawn in IE

  1. karlund says:

    So suddenly this behaviour has crept in again. Apparently this attribute isn’t what causes this to happen!! I’ve got to investigate more…

  2. karlund says:

    Ok, finally found the solution – just add:

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi Karlund,

    I’m having the same problem with my B2B textbox.
    What’s the line to solve the problem?
    I can’t see from your previous command.

    Many thanks.


  4. Stephen says:

    The problem is solved by adding this line at the first line of jsp


  5. karlund says:

    Sorry for being slow to react, good you found out yourself…
    I noticed that the solution was cut out of my previous comment, so I’ve updated the post.

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