Meeting with David Stanbury, Part Three

Organising information into "meaningful categories"

[NOTE: This was originally part of one long post. See the previous posts to put it into context.]

People already do a lot of organising of digital materials around what David called “personally meaningful categories” on Facebook. Once upon a time and in a different demographic, people used to do the same thing on MySpace. But despite this, Facebook has been by and large more successful and wide-reaching than MySpace despite being much more structured. On MySpace you had/have freedom to overhaul your page; Facebook is actually very rigid in terms of its pages and structures.

While I feel it’s important to avoid a form-filling box-ticking approach (as useful as that may be administratively) when it comes to portfolios, tutorials, recording achievement, etc. I also feel that clearly defined or pre-determined structure can’t be bad for the creation of portfolios, when one considers the use of Facebook. David suggested that this is because Facebook is media-rich.

I think ultimately it has to do with the “social” aspect though, and whether the paucity of social texture in e-portfolios can be made up for by our ideas for a feedback widget remains to be seen.

While re-developing some of our old portfolio enhancements for Blackboard version 9, I have had some ideas which may be able to deal with some of these questions, though they will undoubtedly raise more. However, it’s getting late so I will share ideas these another time…

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