Meeting with David Stanbury, Part Two

Many questions...

[NOTE: This was originally part of one long post. See the previous posts to put it into context.]

Our discussion of e-portfolios was more general and reminded me of the many unanswered questions around their use.

Here are some David and I touched on in our discussion:

  • Does the purpose of portfolios come from the user or the institution?
  • Surely the issue of ownership suggests the user determines the purpose but then it is also an institutional tool. How much should the institution determine, considering that provision such a tool should not also be a disincentive to use it?
  • How do we develop a tool that is generally usable by all for “all purposes”, in a number of different contexts, but not so sparse that users don’t know what to do with it?
  • Are templates and structures the way to go or do we need something more structurally open?
  • And generally in terms of openness, how can we enable users to have better control over the public/private nature of what they produce? What should be private, if the institution expects certain outcomes (especially where a portfolio is accredited)?

Lots of big questions! But important ones I feel.

David said that one of the keys might be in anticipating different teacher-learner contexts (or mentor-mentee contexts) and structuring something around this. This is sort of what we try to do with the use of the iLearn portfolios in the Personal Tutor system. But then we also have to balance that with a portfolio belonging to a user — and surely the look, feel, and content should reflect that person’s approach.

NEXT: David and I discuss our impression of how people are already organising and presenting information.

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