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Red ink on Finnegans Wake

Karsten and I just had a quick chat over coffee about the e-portfolio feedback widget.

We both conceive of the commenting facility being a layer that sits atop a student’s portfolio, the data for which is stored elsewhere. This would get round ownership issues as staff then wouldn’t be writing directly into a portfolio (which belongs to the student) and students wouldn’t be able to simply delete feedback which they didn’t agree with. They wouldn’t even need to in fact, as I conceive of it as being more of a private “conversation” between tutor and student.

However we also agreed that some kind of versioning or history would be needed as comments would date and perhaps become irrelevant as the student did what was required of them or moved (or removed) items from their portfolio. The general comments area that Blackboard provides gets around this by virtue of being more like a blog.

This raises a few questions:

  • Could the students reply to comments left by others? (Making it more like a “conversation”.)
  • Could commenters see each others’ comments? (Presumably not.)
  • Would each comment (or “conversation”) be accessible from somewhere other than the item to which is attached?
  • If not, where would a comment or conversation go once an item had been moved or removed?
  • Would students be able to simply “tick off” comments if they related to tasks that needed completed? What implications would this have for the staff record?

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