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Tagging / Recommender – Alpha Version

I’ve just committed the first alpha version of the tagging / recommender widget to out google code versioning server. It implements all of the expected functionalities, in a “hostile” user interface, i.e. *not* user-friendly. It also uses a bespoke tagging … Continue reading

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Video Widget v8

We have now almost finalized this widget. It is running and there is only a small help video missing, which I’ll try and finish some time next week. Next step is a few pilots to see if the widget makes sense to … Continue reading

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Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference

Though a little after the fact, I thought I should post something on the Durham Blackboard User’s Conference which ran on 6th and 7th January. Karsten and I went up to give a presentation about the project, explaining work we … Continue reading

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Core Team meetings on 10, 19 and 25 Jan 2011

We have been very busy with DEVELOP this January, presenting at Durham Blackboard Users Coneference, working on the scope of the widgets, finalising ASSET widget for Bb v.8 and liaising with pilots. We are working on producing short documents to … Continue reading

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Click and thy shall be Clipboard’ed

Or not, as it turns out. In the good old days, when security wasn’t so much in one’s mind, it was fairly simple to place a button on a webpage, have the user click it and expect some text to … Continue reading

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Video embed/script codes!

I was “commissioned” to investigate the best solution for embedding videos, i.e. the script/html that should be used to embed the video. One could (stupidly) thing that this would be rather easy, but we knew beforehand that it wouldn’t be. … Continue reading

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