Click and thy shall be Clipboard’ed

Or not, as it turns out.

In the good old days, when security wasn’t so much in one’s mind, it was fairly simple to place a button on a webpage, have the user click it and expect some text to go on the clipboard. These days however, this isn’t the case, for any browsers except IE, where it is extremely simply. In some other modern browsers you can work around it by changing the config settings, which I doubt anyone has done, so we cannot rely on it.

I tested ZeroClipboard which claims to work in most browsers, but it looks like it doesn’t, at least not on my machine and according to it uses a methodology where you cheat flash into thinking the user have agreed to doing it manually. I looked into this, and it is a hack, an awful hack, which I’m not prepared to use at all! (And I doubt ITS would be happy security wise if I did).

So we can add a button for IE users that will work and a copy’n’paste area for everybody else, or just add the c’n’p area for consistency. Not sure what is best, but I’ll start with only the latter…

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  1. karlund says:

    The conclusion of is that there is no single way of doing this consistently after a lengthy review of different methodologies. I tested several of them, and they are not feasible to use, as expected from the conclusion…

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