Tagging / Recommender – Alpha Version

I’ve just committed the first alpha version of the tagging / recommender widget to out google code versioning server.

It implements all of the expected functionalities, in a “hostile” user interface, i.e. *not* user-friendly. It also uses a bespoke tagging backbone, which can be optimised and is very likely changing at a later stage.

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  1. karlund says:

    and I’ve now added a crude recommender system, where learners can recommend other resources from the Internet.

  2. karlund says:

    I’ve just bugfixed (and thus secured) the prototype, so that it only allows enrolled students of a course to read tags and create/read links.

    Course instructors still has full CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) of tags and links in their course.

    This concludes the first prototype of the tag/recommender plugin.

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