Re-purpose the Video plugin to RedGloo

The past 3 days have been spent up in Bolton at the JISC/CETIS Widget bash, where we were looking at Wookie widgets in educational settings. Before going I wanted to see how easy it would be to take the code and reuse it in a different environment, so that I potentially could use that knowledge at the bash.

I chose to do this on the RedGloo server (ELGG) as it has a widget system albeit outdated. It took me about 30 min to re-remember how the widgets are implemented within RedGloo and then approx 30 min to repurpose the code for this environment. It took this long because I had to change the javascript to php to fit it inside RedGloo.

This proved that this ought to be quite simple to use in other widgets, as they usually use javascript/html. Unfortunately I also remembered that the dropbox2 server that this code relies on at UoR is locked inside the University firewall, and therefore only allows uploads from inside the University grounds. Therefore this would not be usable as a widget for general usage at this point in time.

So if this were to be “widgetised” it would probably be more appropriate to use a service like youtube, although that comes with all sorts of questions regarding ethics, licensing and policies.

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