How to set up Eclipse

I though it would be good to describe how to set up Eclipse to get a development system for the building blocks, as it is extremely annoying not being able to set up a development environment.

The steps:

  • Eclipse JavaEE system. I always download with Java embedded from the Eclipse website
  • Install tomcat v5.5 on your computer
  • Check out the DEVELOP source at
  • Open Eclipse using a clean workspace
  • Press “Import” and under General use “Existing Projects into Workspace”. Select the project from within the checked out source you want to use.
  • In the Window menu in Eclipse go to “Preferences”, expand the Server option (press + to the left of Server), and add the Tomcat v5.5 server as a “Runtime Environment”. Remember that you need to point to the “Tomcat  installation directory” (press next after selecting the Tomcat server version and you’ll see the option.)
  • Voila, you have a project with a well-formed buildpath. Try and export the project as a “war” file, and you can import the buildingblock from within Blackboard (under buildingblocks in the System Admin section) – There might be a few build errors showing in Eclipse, but those actually aren’t correct, and the code ought to work…
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