“Video Upload”

How the "Video Upload" box currently looks (click to enlarge)

A quick note to say that we have changed the name of the box for uploading videos in Blackboard to “Video Upload”.

Previously it was called “Video Dropbox” but we changed it in order to:

  • Avoid confusion with the old Blackboard “Digital Dropbox” tool that we have spent some time convincing staff not to use.
  • Avoid confusion around the verbs “up” and “drop”, which imply different directions for the same action.
  • Make the name more appropriate for after the submission of a video file — when users receive an e-mail they are provided with a link that takes them back to the same box, but this time the box shows their videos and provides the embed code. With this content, the box is no longer a “dropbox” but it does show the user’s uploaded video. Therefore the word “upload” is more appropriate as it shifts from verb to noun.

IT Services will continue to refer to the “dropbox” server, I believe, but in the project team’s interactions with users we shall now attempt to refer to “video upload” when talking about the widget.

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