Some questions around the Video Upload widget

I composed a message recently about the video upload widget we currently have in our live version of Blackboard (version 8). I sent it to all those who’ve so far agreed to be involved in piloting and I’ve had a mixture of interesting and encouraging responses so far.

For example, Dave Hallam collected some initial feedback from some members of staff that have previously been involved in video and multimedia projects at the University:

  • Are people permitted to upload a recorded lecture, split into parts to enable upload? (Other solutions maybe under investigation — e.g., Blackboard Collaborate)
  • If someone were to record a Television programme and wanted to share with their students on a module, is this permitted?
  • Also maybe advice not to upload a video which is freely available on another service such as YouTube.

I think these are interesting questions and I told Dave I wasn’t going to get back to him right away as I felt at the very least some reflection on them and the other kinds of questions that might arise would be valuable. We will also need to talk to others about copyright issues.

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I am currently Enhancement Officer (for Education Technologies) at the University of Reading. I am also studying for a Masters in Research at the University's School of Systems Engineering.
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