Two brief updates

(1) The streaming server which supports our video upload widget is currently down. It didn’t take very long to disable the form and add a (hopefully) temporary message announcing the downtime, which reads:

There is currently a problem with the upload facility, which IT Services are working to resolve. The problem should not affect videos that are already uploaded but we have disable the form for uploading new videos while the work is under way.

(2) I have moved the files which form the basis of the portfolio widgets into our Sandbox server to see how they operate in a different environment and what adjusting needs to be done. As I work on this more over the next week or so, I expect to do more such testing. So far the code needs minimal tweaking and I look forward to testing in more diverse environments.

About Guy

I am currently Enhancement Officer (for Education Technologies) at the University of Reading. I am also studying for a Masters in Research at the University's School of Systems Engineering.
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