Visits to Leeds and London

Though it was some time ago now, I thought it’d be worth posting some belated thoughts on the two events I attended in mid-April.

A message on the wall of the Students' Union

The Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference took place in Leeds from 12th-13th April this year, though there was also a Developers’ Day on the 11th for those so inclined. I was and so went for the full three days. Much of the event was useful in my capacity as e-Learning Officer at Reading, though there were some talks that were specifically interesting in terms of the DEVELOP Project too. As I get round to going through my notes, I hope to post a little more on these.

The event also gave me the opportunity to give a talk. I presented on the DEVELOP Project, giving an outline of its aims and the work we had, at that point, done so far — no mean feat, it turns out, for a slot of fewer than thirty minutes. There were a lot of questions afterwards, particularly in relation to the tagging and recommender widgets and also regarding the approach we have so far taken with the e-portfolio widgets (about which more on this blog soon).

At the end of the same week, I attended the London Blackboard Users’ Group, organised by Sarah Sherman (one of the externals on the DEVELOP Steering Group). Again, I was given an opportunity to outline the project, its aims, and demonstrate what we had achieved at that point in time. There was general interest, and a couple of people expressed a particular interest in trying out the video widget. As I catch up, I hope to contact them shortly.

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I am currently Enhancement Officer (for Education Technologies) at the University of Reading. I am also studying for a Masters in Research at the University's School of Systems Engineering.
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