TagAll, IE and Houston We Have A Problem!

I’ve been working on finalising the tag/recommender plugin and we have a serious problem.

We determined that we needed a TagAll button, instead of separate buttons for each tag field. I implemented this, but unfortunately the version of the Prototype.js library that BB uses is not supporting IE9 (and I have evidence of problems with IE8 as well), so the functionality broke under IE, so I had to solve this issue.

I’ve tried many things in vein, and in the end I decided to hand code the Ajax calls. I’ve just finished that and it still doesn’t work in IE. It looks like the failing Prototype.js calls performed by BB (not in my code) conflicts in such a way that the Ajax calls corrupts and dies!

So until BB get SP6 we are kind of stuck. We either have tag buttons for each field or we do not support IE.

I can alternatively check what browser the user uses, and add the functionalities accordingly. We need to discuss this at our next meeting…

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4 Responses to TagAll, IE and Houston We Have A Problem!

  1. Guy says:

    It seems a real shame to lose the “Tag All” feature. Is there anyway to have the individual tag buttons for each field appear in all browsers and have the “Tag All” button appear for those that will support it? I don’t know if this would make the interface too confusing but it would be a shame to provide completely different features for different browsers, and it would make support the widget more difficult. Just my initial thoughts.


  2. karlund says:

    I was actually considering this option myself. I don’t think support of it would become too difficult. We can always remove the feature once BB updates to SP6.

  3. patparslow says:

    The ‘Tag All’ button confused me immensely, I must admit – I was left wondering why I should have to tag everything on my screen at the same time. That could just be that I would expect it to be “Add tags” or something – “Tag All” left me worrying that the tag I had typed in for item A would be applied to item B.

    However, the bigger problem at the moment appears to be that despite the upgrade on the server, as things stand, it still doesn’t work. I will investigate further, as the functionality is great on proper browsers (!)

    • karlund says:

      The name “Tag All” comes from the days when each tag was individually tagged using a button, and it was general consensus that a tag-all at once feature was needed.

      It has a strange unbehaviour in a less-modern browser which unfortunately tend to be used a lot! I’ve tried using ajax libraries and hand coding it with no luck! It is simple code, so it really ought to work, at it probably is something really stupid missing somewhere.

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