Basic LTI – part III

You might have seen the problems I ran into yesterday, trying to set up the java servlet Basic LTI server / test environment, in my previous blog post.

I am very happy to be reporting some good news!

I’ve just set up the java Google App Engine (GAE) server (and test environment), and I’ve verified that it works as expected with the test LMS and Tool provider.

Furthermore it was painless, and can best be described as just working according to IMS-DEV documentation! So there is an environment to at least teston, and personally with an environment I’ve played with for fun in hobby code, and have looked forward to use more professionally!

The are however some issues with this.

  • It might be harder than the servlet server to reuse the code from building blocks.
  • I didn’t find out why the servlet server won’t run – this environment was put frankly too easy! I had hoped to run into a problem and solve it, thus knowing the problem with the servlet code, personally beginning to think there is something more deeply wrong with it – if anyone reads this who has it running, please comment, I would like a “chat”.
  • The biggest issue: To use this in any production scenario we will need a separate server. Google has a *VERY* competitive solution and it is also possible to run it “in house”, but we will need guidance and acceptance from ITS, the technical and general project steering group steering group. So should we “just” test this on local machines, use Google server at this stage, or , set up a production server “in house”?
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