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On the 18th November, I will be presenting along with Sheila MacNeill (JISC), Judith Pickering (Open University), and Stephen Vickers (Edinburgh University) on e-portfolios as part of JISC’s online Activity Week. The title is “Enhancing and creating student centred portfolios” and the short description says “Demonstrating a number of portfolio centric integrations and widgets being developed as part of the JISC DVLE Programme.”

The full session proposal which should give you more of an idea of what the presentation will be about (which Sheila finalised after each of Judith and I had written and provided our parts) went as follows:

This synchronous session from the Open University and the University of Reading will demonstrate a number of portfolio centric widgets being developed as part of the JISC DVLE Programme.

Portfolio redevelopment at the Open University has focussed on incorporating some of the enhanced functionality available within Google, e.g., a document repository, facilities for sharing, collaboration and reflection.  The DOULS project (Distributed Open University Learning Systems) has been tasked with delivering integration between the Moodle learning environment and Google.   The presentation by the Open University will focus on these integrations and what it means for the student experience.

Part of the University of Reading’s DEVELOP Project has been to look at e-portfolio provision and use, and to develop three widgets to assist staff and students in the creation and maintenance of e-portfolios. The University uses Blackboard as its VLE and widgets have been designed using HTML/JavaScript to interact, in pilot studies, with Blackboard’s very basic e-portfolio tool. One widget, now fully developed for Blackboard, enables students to build a portfolio with all the pages as specified by their tutors/lecturers. This widget also guides the user through the various steps needed to share and maintain their portfolio. A feedback widget is at this moment being developed to allow tutors to provide feedback on specific parts of the students’ portfolios while an export widget is planned to allow students to download their portfolio in a standards-compliant form.

Steve joined the bill later when the organiser in JISC identified a potential synergy between our proposed presentation and his work. So, there will be yet more covered than what is outlined here. It should be an interesting talk!

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I am currently Enhancement Officer (for Education Technologies) at the University of Reading. I am also studying for a Masters in Research at the University's School of Systems Engineering.
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