Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference 2012

Though this post comes a little late (circumstances prevented my doing it sooner) I thought it about time to post a little something on the Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference back at the beginning of January. The theme this year was ‘openness’ but as usual the conference provided a useful overview of the problems UK institutions using Blackboard are facing at the moment — and the biggest of these seems to be providing adequate support for the plethora of tools available through Blackboard whilst resource across the Higher Education sector is being shrunk.

My own presentation felt quite fitting then in that I outlined how DEVELOP had provided what one tweeter called “just in time” help for students creating and maintaining e-portfolios.

My slides are here — as is evident by a quick flick through them, I tried to encourage discussion at points and get a feel for what the audience were used to using and whether something like the widgets I was presenting would be of any help.

Interestingly, only half of the attendees at the session were using any e-portfolio tool, which made me curious as to why the other half had attended. Only two of those using e-portfolio tools were using the Blackboard Basic portfolio tool. I am currently in correspondence with one of them to see if they would be interested in trying the widgets at their institution.

The rest of the presentation addressed the design, development, and evaluation of the tool — the results of which can be seen over certain posts of this blog.

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