Blackboard Conference in Antwerp

As part of our ongoing evaluation of the DEVELOP project outputs and the dissemination of our findings, Maria will be attending the Blackboard conference in Antwerp next week to present the widgets and the feedback we have gathered. You can get to the programme overview here. The description for the presentation Maria will deliver is outlined below:

Project DEVELOP aims to extend the functionality of Blackboard Learn by developing widgets to allow student-centred learning: e- portfolio (feedback, and template), tagging/recommender, and video widgets. We have been working with academics and students to develop the widgets using a rapid prototyping approach.
This session will demonstrate the following:
1. The three e-portfolio widgets provide students with templates that are easy to use, enabling tutor – to – student feedback.
2. The tagging/recommender widget enables tutors to tag content in their course encouraging student discovery within the Blackboard Learn course site.
3. The video widget enables tutors to quickly and effectively upload videos on course sites stored in a dedicated server.
4. Case studies that evaluate the use of the widgets and their impact on student learning and engagement.

In order to demonstrate the tools and how they work, I have created some videos for Maria to play in the session, though I will make them available here in due course. I will also be summarising the feedback we received earlier in the academic year from our major case study in Legal Skills (an initial summary can be found here, but in the posts that follow I aim to include quotes and more details about the sessions).

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