Legal Skills student feedback — introduction

In the next week or so, I will be publishing a series of posts here on the feedback we got from students on the Legal Skills piloting of the e-Portfolio Templates widget. This post is really just to explain how I’ll be doing that!

Each post will address a different topic or theme of the evaluation. First, I collected together all the feedback we received, coded each sheet so as to keep students anonymous, and then grouped quotations by topic. I will attribute quotations that I post to the anonymous code by including it in parentheses after each quotation. Here’s a real example:

“It was relatively easy to use / very straightforward. I like the fact is computer based rather than sheets and sheets of paper.” (q2, F19)

The F19 in the parentheses above gives the workshop the student attended (there were 7 workshops in all, so the letters run from A-G) and the number is given purely so we can see if two or more quotations have come from the same student, without having to identify them. The number of students present at each workshop varied so figures for attendance by group letter are given below:

A: 21
B: 28
C: 24
D: 24
E: 19
F: 25
G: 24

As you can see, the parenthetical suffix to the quotation also notes the question to which the student was responding when giving the feedback. It was interesting how different students addressed the same topics or themes across different questions. When I initially started looking at this feedback with Pat, I started to wish I had arranged for more quantitative answers but, having spent more time sorting through them myself, I’m now confident that leaving space for open, free-text answers has led to much richer data.

Here is the key for the questions:

q1: How easy/difficult did you find it to create your e-portfolio?
q2: What did you like about creating the portfolio (if anything) and what issues did you have (if any)?
q3: How useful was the wizard (the prompts on the left) in guiding you through the process?
q4: To what extent do you think this approach would be useful for other tools that you have used?

Finally all the posts will be collected together under the tag “legal skills student feedback” so that you can find them all as a series.

I will publish my first post on what students thought of the automated creation of templates in their e-portfolios at about 4pm tomorrow.

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