About the Project

DEVELOP (Developing and Enhancing Virtual learning environments and E-Learning Options)

This project will extend the functionality of the institutional VLE (Blackboard) to support more student-centred learning, to improve portfolio functionality, and to allow content and resources held outside the VLE to be used seamlessly within it.

The project will build on existing VLE development work and good practice at the University of Reading, and elsewhere, to meet the following identified current and projected needs:

a. Expand the pedagogic models VLEs are able to support, to allow much more student-centred learning than the traditional hierarchical folder-structure offered by VLEs.

b. Improve the portfolio functionality of VLEs so that they can be used for teaching and assessment purposes not just individual use. Explore the relationship between these kinds of portfolio and the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) and the portability of portfolios beyond graduation.

c. Simplify content distribution and share across platforms to allow resources and data held and generated outside the VLE to be used within the VLE in a seamless-looking way.

The project is funded by JISC, Distributed VLE Programme